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Richard Street About Richard Street Richard Street - former lead singer with the Temptations

Born and raised in Motor City, Detroit. He began his music career at the tender age of 12, playing piano and singing with his mother's encouragement and support, since then he has been a professional entertainer for over 47 years.

In 1955, Richard, his cousin along with best friend, Melvin Franklin (later to become the Temptations' legendary bass singer) was invited to join a vocal group: Otis Williams and The Distants. This led to his recoding with the Monitors, which were signed to Motown, which he did many outstanding lead vocals. He also coached a 3-girl group, which consisted of Florence Ballard, Mary Wilson and Diane Ross. Under his guidance, he helped the girl group and many other musical groups prepare themselves for recording contracts with Motown - known as Hitsville, USA. Years later, the world came to know Florence, Mary and Diane as the famous Supremes. This valuable experience formed the foundation of his vocal coaching, and skilled choreography. He is also knowledgeable of the music industry from the inside, and he held a most coveted position in Motown's Quality Control Department, which was responsible for which talent was being considered for the company, and which recordings were selected for record release, and radio air play, this was just a few of his responsibilities in the department.

Richard Street - former lead singer with the Temptations Richard Street - former lead singer with the Temptations
Motown Motown

December 27, 2006
Richard Street will perform as part
of the activities leading up to the
PetroSun Independence Bowl
Shreveport, La

Hitsville, U.S.A.
Hitsville, U.S.A. Richard Street - former lead singer with the Temptations

Richard was known as an incredible vocalist, in the early days of Motown. He lent his tenor to sweeten vocal tracks, but stayed away from the public eye. This placed him in the unique setting of being the voice behind many of the leads in The Temptations; although, no one saw him in the group. He was on the microphone in the wings as the vocalist on stage lip-synched to his vocals, frequently receiving a standing ovation.

In 1971, through the orchestration of God's hand, Richard assumed his rightful place with the Temptations full time. After the arrival of Richard, there was a notable shift in direction. Within a few years The Temptations were tracking topical subjects such as the Vietnam War and urban poverty. He delighted television, stage, radio and record-buying audiences with his leads on "Heavenly", "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face", "Firefly", "Hey Girl", "Masterpiece", "Every Time I Close My Eyes", "I'll Keep My Light In My Window", "Super Star", "Show Me Your Love", "Bare Back", "Standing On the Top", "Love Comes At Christmas", from the Christmas album "Everything for Christmas", "Papa Was a Rolling Stone", and many more. Among the awards Richard has received are three Grammy Awards, two American Music Awards, and an NAACP Award. He was also there when The Temptations were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1989.

For over 22 years as a member if the group, Richard performed hundreds of shows with the Temptations, along with other members past and present, they visited over 40 countries worldwide. A lot of worthwhile experience gained from living in the music business has given him the opportunity to reflect on his unique career in his upcoming book "Ball of Confusion", in which Richard chronicles his years with the group. Richard also continues to perform in his own show that includes the legendary music of the Temptations along with other classic hit songs that document the golden years.

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